Hi there, my name is Denise and I love ice cream! I grew up in a country where people mostly only eat ice cream during summer and where there was NOT an ice cream shop every 700 meters… my life changed when I moved to Germany: there are lots of ice cream cafés, open all year long & ice cream is very cheap. Germans don’t require sunshine + high temperatures for indulging in ice cream! Although this is great, that doesn’t necessarily mean they all make outstanding ice cream.

My favourite ice cream shops are those who really make the ice cream themselves & where the ice cream doesn’t taste of artificial flavouring. I get real excited about ice cream places that offer original flavours!

I’ll share with you the best ice cream spots I encounter! I like to travel, so this is an ongoing project! I have visited many countries in Western Europe, a few cities in the centre & East of the USA, a few places in Australia & so far 6 countries in South-east Asia, so I still have many more places to visit! 🙂 I currently live in Aachen: follow the link to get an insight into the beautiful city of Aachen and its best ice cream.

When I’m not travelling & eating ice cream, I take care of all sorts of B2B marketing-communication projects within the international company I work for.

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Feel free to send me recommendations via the contact form of ice cream makers who make great or original ice cream! Your recommendations might help me pick future holiday destinations! 😉



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  1. It’s wonderful to see someone else blogging about their travels eating ice cream! I haven’t traveled outside of the U.S. and Canada yet, but I am eager to. We currently travel the U.S. full-time in our RV. Your blog will be a great resource when we start traveling internationally!


    1. Denise says:

      Hehe I thought the same when reading your blog! I have no immediate plans of traveling to the US, but your blog will be a great resource for me!


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