Vietnam: one of my favourite destinations

A few years ago I spent 3 weeks visiting Vietnam, from Hanoi in the North, down to the Mekong Delta in the South, passing by the popular Ha Long Bay and its thousands of little limestone islands, then over the mountainous region of Sapa, the colourful city of Hoi An, and the capital Ho Chi Minh City.

Beautiful landscapes and delicious food

My trip to Vietnam was definitely one of the highlights of the past few years: I particularly loved the variety of landscapes and all the delicious (street)food.

Travel itinerary Vietnam
Itinerary Vietnam

I would like to share with you some highlights. In my next post I will introduce you to Sapa, the place I enjoyed most!

Visiting Sapa, Vietnam's Northern mountain region

Hoi An & its delicacies

How I organised my trip to Vietnam

I organised all the travels by myself, with the help of:

  • a colleague who had been to Vietnam, shared his itinerary with me and showed me his beautiful photos – nothing beats first-hand information to define a realistic travel plan!
  • my Lonely Planet Vietnam guide – I have been a fan of Lonely Planet guides for many years. Reading up about the places I consider visiting has always helped me narrow down my selection of places to visit. Their guides always include useful information about transportation.
  • packaged tour itineraries – although I have never booked any full travel package from an agency, I must admit that I have been inspired on many occasions by the itinerary overviews from agency websites or catalogues! 🙂
  • The Sinh Tourist – I booked most transportation upon arrival with them. I mostly travelled overnight in modern sleeper buses.
Modern “open tour” sleeper bus for night travel throughout Vietnam (Sinh Travel)

Have you been to Vietnam before or are you planning to go? Let me know which places you liked the most!

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