2017 Traveller’s Scoops Award: the winner is…

Until October I was unsure who would win this prestigious ( 😉 ) award! But then I travelled to Portugal in Autumn and tried several really good ice cream shops! It was a real treat to have such delicious ice cream at that time of the year!

We were very lucky with weather: sun on most days and temperatures between 17 and 23°C. By then, most ice cream shops in cool/rainy Germany were having a Winter break.

Porto, Portugal
Porto, Portugal

I recommend you read my last post if you want to know more about the “competing” ice cream shops from Europe and Asia for the 2017 Traveller’s Scoops Award.

My favourite ice cream shop of 2017 is… Gelataria Portuense in Porto (Portugal)!! I had the pleasure of being served by Ana Ferreira, the owner of the shop, who also makes the ice cream. She opened Gelataria Portuense in 2016, after learning the art of Italian ice cream from Giacomo Schiavon, a famous Italian Master Gelatieri.

1927 Gelataria Portuense
1927 Gelataria Portuense

Interesting flavours…

I was very excited when I first saw the interesting flavour combinations that were on offer: EARL GREY ice cream, with salted caramel and cocoa nibs, TAWNY PORT wine ice cream with pear puree and caramelized walnuts, WHITE CHOCOLATE & LIME ice cream with lime curd and toasted pistachio, APPLE, COTTAGE CHEESE & CINNAMON ice cream and PUMPKIN-BOURBON ice cream, POMEGRANATE sorbet. All these flavours were part of the so-called “Collection” flavours. Classic flavours on offer included: dark chocolate, chocolate with Piemont hazelnuts, Bronte pistachio, straciatella, egg yolk and cinnamon, …

A mouth-watering selection of gelato and sorbetto flavours at Gelataria Portuense
A mouth-watering selection of gelato and sorbetto flavours at Gelataria Portuense

Wonderful taste & texture

I enjoyed watching Ana serve our ice cream while telling us about some of her recipes that took the longest to perfect. For some of the ice cream, Ana integrates part of the flavours upon serving the ice cream, by mixing in some additional fruit mixture at the end. This is a great way to achieve perfect taste and texture!

Ana Ferreira, the owner of 1929 Gelataria Portuense in Porto
Ana Ferreira, the owner of 1929 Gelataria Portuense in Porto

Gelataria Portuense really deserves this award! Ana Ferreira makes delicious ice cream, with genuine ingredients and flavours, using fresh seasonal fruit. When I was at Gelataria Portuense for example, one ice cream flavour was made with Rocha pear, a native Portuguese variety of pear, while another included Esmolfe apple, a Portuguese apple and Serra da Estrala Portuguese cottage cheese.

I had a scoop of Earl grey ice cream and of port wine ice cream & I got to try my boyfriend’s apple, cottage cheese and cinnamon ice cream as well as a spoonful of pumpkin-bourbon ice cream while choosing what to order. All flavours were excellent, but the Earl grey and the apple-cottage cheese gelato were my favourites. Both had a slight salty touch which I particularly liked.

Tawny Porto ice cream and Earl Grey ice cream at Gelataria Portuense
2017 Scoop of the Year! Tawny Porto ice cream and Earl Grey ice cream at Gelataria Portuense
Esmolfe apple & cottage cheese gelato
Esmolfe apple & cottage cheese gelato

Congratulations to Ana Ferreira and Gelataria Portuense! Dear readers, make sure you check out this wonderful ice cream shop upon your next visit to Porto!

If you are still unsure, take a look at this nice video about Gelataria Portuense, published by Taste Porto Food Tours.

On a more general note, I would also warmly recommend visiting Porto for a few days! I’ll tell you more about it some other time.

Porto, on the bank of the Douro River
Porto, on the bank of the Douro River

Useful information

Gelataria Portuense address: Rua do Bonjardim 136, 4000-14 Porto, Portugal
Website: www.gelatariaportuense.pt
Facebook: facebook.com/gelatariaportuense

Visit Porto website: www.visitporto.travel

Try the best ice cream in Porto at Gelataria Portuense
Pin for later: The best ice cream in Porto @ Gelataria Portuense


3 Comments Add yours

  1. It sounds super delicious! I’m not heading to Porto any time in 2018, but when I do the year after I’ll make an extra special note to visit this place 🙂


  2. Christian K says:

    Ohhh no, the winner of the 2017 Traveller’s Scoops Award is revealed before I could make my prediction…
    All of the 2017 contenders would be worth winning this award and I thought Luicella’s Ice Cream in Hamburg might win! I visited this shop myself in September and enjoyed their flavours “Franzbrötchen”, chocolade-orange and caramel-salt with licorice-sauce.
    After reading your today’s post about the winner I’m able to relate to your choice: I think it’s the unique combination of fresh and natural ingrediants, original flavours and the fact that you were lucky to feel the vocation and passion of the ice cream maker and talk with her personally!!
    And of course the other factors (a holiday trip with your boyfriend and sunny weather) were not so bad too 😉
    As I love city trips and Earl grey is my favourite tea flavour, tonight I will dream about having a sunny trip to Porto with delicious Earl grey ice cream!


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