Luicella’s Ice Cream, Hamburg (DE)


In March I had the pleasure of spending a very short weekend in the city of Hamburg, in the North of Germany. It was a rather spontaneous decision to drive there with friends who had never been there before. Although I enjoy living in Aachen, it’s nice to get out every now and then and spend time in larger cities!

We had no specific idea in mind of what to do in Hamburg, but I did have one wish for the weekend… we should go to (at least) one ice cream shop of my choosing! The probability of finding some very good ice cream somehow seems higher in larger cities.

I did some online research of possible ice cream shop candidates & marked them on Google maps in case I was anywhere close. The German website Mit Vergnügen has been a great resource for selecting ice cream shops to try in Berlin, so their 2015 article about Hamburg’s best ice cream shops was a good start. The ice cream shop I wanted to try most, Luicella’s Ice Cream, was by chance pretty close to where we were staying! 🙂 And yes, that really was pure coincidence!

Luicella's Ice Cream, Hamburg
Luicella’s Ice Cream, Hamburg

I was initially attracted to Luicella’s Ice Cream shop by the promise that I would find original ice cream flavours that are not found in most shops. Then I really enjoyed reading the story of Luicella’s Ice Cream on their website. In short, they opened their first ice cream shop in Hamburg in 2013 (in St Pauli), make the ice cream themselves, enjoy making innovative flavours and they try to source their ingredients from local suppliers. They solely use natural ingredients: no artificial flavourings or additives. They opened their second shop in March 2016 in the St Georg quarter.

Luicella's Ice Cream makes their ice cream with natural ingredients
Luicella’s Ice Cream makes their ice cream with natural ingredients

We visited their shop in St Georg, which is nicely located on the Lange Reihe street, a short walk away from the 160-hectar outer Alster lake. There are many nice little shops on Lange Reihe, nice restaurants, bars and cafés. After lunch on Lange Reihe I led our little group to Luicella’s Ice Cream shop, which I was very impatient to try! My patience and excitement were put to test, as we had to wait for many others to be served before us. This gave me plenty of time to get a good look at the lovely design / decoration of their shop! In the timelapse below you can see some of their illustrations being drawn.

Lovely illustrations in Luicella's Ice Cream shop
Lovely illustrations in Luicella’s Ice Cream shop
Almost my turn...
Almost my turn…

When it was finally my turn to be served, I chose 3 scoops: rhubarb-yoghurt, Franzbrötchen (German pastry with butter and cinnamon) and chocolate ice cream with a touch of salt & thyme, made with goat’s milk. I would have loved to try their milk rice ice cream, but there wasn’t any left.

Delicious flavours on offer at Luicella's Ice Cream
Delicious flavours on offer at Luicella’s Ice Cream
More delicious flavours of ice cream
More delicious flavours of ice cream

I got to try my friends’ ice cream too: salted caramel, mango lassi, coconut sorbet and oreo. All the ice cream was really good! They tasted great, the sweetness level was just right and the texture perfect. My favourites were the chocolate-salt goat’s milk ice cream (I wasn’t able to taste the thyme, but it was nevertheless VERY good!), the salted caramel ice cream and the Franzbrötchen ice cream.

The delicious ice cream I had
The delicious ice cream I had at Luicella’s

Here are further examples of their ice cream creations: blueberry-lavender, avocado-raspberry sauce, avocado-mango, beetroot-orange-poppy seeds, cashew-cayenne with chocolate sauce, etc.

If you’re ever in Hamburg, I warmly recommend you to try Luicella’s ice cream! And let me know if you like it as much as I did.

Customers' new flavour wishlist
Customers’ new flavour wishlist

Luicella’s Ice Cream addresses:

  • St Georg – Lange Reihe 113, D-20099 Hamburg
  • St Pauli – Detlev-Bremer-Straße 46, D-20359 Hamburg

Facebook: /

What should you visit in Hamburg after getting your ice cream

I recommend you to grab ice cream at Luicella’s and set off to visit Hamburg by foot, starting by a stroll around part of the outer Alster lake.

Don’t let your delicious ice cream distract you too much or you might end up being run over by one of the many cyclists around the lake. There is a pillar that indicates the number of bikes that have cycled past on that day… the numbers are rather impressive!

Counter showing number of bikes riding past per day and per year!
Counter showing number of bikes riding past per day and per year!

You can walk from the large outer Alster lake to the smaller inner lake and from there it’s just a short walk to Hamburg’s beautiful city hall (Rathaus).

Hamburg Rathaus (cityhall)
Hamburg Rathaus (cityhall)

If you’re up for a longer walk, just walk on to Hamburg’ Speicherstadt, located in the port of Hamburg. It’s a large district of warehouses that were built between 1883 and 1927, with the purpose of transferring goods without having to pay customs. Hamburg’s Speicherstadt has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. It’s a nice area to explore, with it’s neo-gothic warehouses made of red brick.

A glimpse of of Hamburg's Speicherstadt
A glimpse of of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt
Hamburg's Speicherstadt has been recognised UNESCO heritage site since 2015
Hamburg’s Speicherstadt was recognised UNESCO World Heritage in 2015

Useful links

Unesco webpage about Hamburg’s Speicherstadt

Hamburg Marketing

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  1. 1. I am getting an ice cream tomorrow because of this post!
    2. The numbers of cyclists passed the road are rather impressive!
    3. The fact that there is an air refill station is more impressive!


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