Ice rolls – It has (almost*) never been more fun to wait for ice cream! 

The concept of ice cream rolls, also called stir-fried ice cream, involves combining the fresh ingredients together on a -30°C to -35°C metal plate (or stone), by chopping and mixing them up with metal spatulas until they freeze, and then spreading out the mixture and rolling up strips of the ice cream mixture.


The making of my strawberry-mint ice rolls
The making of my strawberry-mint ice rolls

I tried Herby’s Ice-Rolls at a food & design market close to where I live. 8 flavour combinations were on offer, but you could also choose your own ingredient combination. The ice rolls were made with a milk & cream basis but they use almond milk on request.

Herby's Ice-Rolls
Herby’s Ice-Rolls

I got to try “Banoreo”, made as you can probably guess with banana and oreo biscuits. For myself,  I choose “Straw mint”, made with fresh strawberries, mint and a little bit of elderflower jam. Both were nice! The taste of strawberry and mint came out nicely in mine, as did the banana and oreo in my friend’s Banoreo.

Banana-oreo ice rolls
Banana-oreo ice rolls

The other flavour combinations that Herby’s Ice-Rolls offered were:

  • Peanutella, with Nutella, peanut butter and caramel
  • Choc-choc, with chocolate and sponge finger biscuits
  • Strawberry cheesecake, with fresh strawberries, biscuits and low-fat quark
  • Manquja, with mango and passion fruit
  • Amarena, with amarena cherries and low-fat quark
  • Orient-express, with rose water, pistachios and saffron
It was fun watching ice rolls being made, while waiting for our turn
It was fun watching ice rolls being made while waiting for our turn: peanutella ice rolls are being made here

It was really fun watching the ice rolls being made! But I have to admit that the texture wasn’t my favourite for ice cream.

Ice cream rolls apparently originate from Thailand: for those of you who have already been to Thailand, have you seen these been made or even tried them? Tell me about your experience in a comment or private message!

I was a kid when I first heard about ice cream that was mixed up in front of customers on a frozen stone! Some of our friends came back from holidays in the US and told us about this wonderful ice cream they had tried there! 🙂 It sounded really cool and I’ve been wanting to try something like that since then…! 🙂

Useful information:

Herby’s Ice-Rolls is based in Krefeld, Germany. They can be booked for events, festivals and parties.

*I mentioned in the post title that it has “almost never been more fun waiting for ice cream”: I tried nitrogen ice cream a few months ago, but haven’t posted about it yet… It was really fun to watch too! I’ll try to write about that soon!


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