California Pops, Berlin (DE)

During my last visit to Berlin, a friend of a friend took us to California Pops’ small shop in Kreuzberg. Their popsicles looked very attractive: colourful, shiny and frost-free. Not only did they look wonderful, they tasted great too!

It’s nice to know that the handmade popsicles at California Pops are free of artificial colourings & preservatives and are made with organic milk. Because we all like to eat popsicles in different ways, each popsicle flavour comes in three different shapes!

Great taste from beginning to end & very refreshing

I chose a honeydew melon-mint popsicle: it had a great taste from the beginning to the end, it was very refreshing and not too sweet!

The icepops from California Pops come in multiple shapes & flavours, with & without chocolate
The icepops from California Pops come in multiple shapes & flavours, with & without chocolate

Other examples of ice cream popsicles that California Pops makes:

  • Cheesecake and blueberry
  • Cashew nut with dark chocolate
  • White chocolate and matcha tea
  • Coconut

Other examples of their sorbet popsicles:

  • Cucumber-lemon
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberry

What I don’t like about popsicles versus ice cream scoops is that you have to narrow down your choice to ONE flavour… Mini-popsicles sold by 3 would be wonderful! 🙂

To see how California Pops are made, have a look at this cool video (in German) by Galileo on the 3 top ice cream trends of 2016:

Useful information

California Pops addresses:
– Falckensteinstraße 4, D-10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
– Eberswaldertr. 32, D-10437 Berlin

Instagram: (check out their instagram account to see how pretty their popsicles are!)

California Pops is just 12 mins walk away from the East Side Gallery.

The East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is one of the world’s largest open-air galleries. In November 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall which had separated East Berlin from West Berlin for over 28 years, a group of 118 artists from 21 countries painted 106 unique motives on a 1316m remaining portion of the wall. Some of the paintings were restored in 1996, others in 2000 and I believe all were repainted by the original artists in 2009.

If you’re spending a few days in Berlin, it’s worth having a look at the East Side Gallery! These paintings are a celebration of freedom and unity. My photos below were taken in 2004, during one of my very first trips to the German capital!

Berlin East Side Gallery
Berlin East Side Gallery (2004 photo…)
“Some Heads” by Thierry Noir (2004 photo)
“Es gilt viele Mauern abzubauen” by Ines Bayer (2004 photo)


If you’re interested in getting further ice cream recommendations for Berlin, have a look at my previous posts about ice cream shops in Berlin.
Many thanks to T. for taking us to California Pops! 🙂 And thanks to W.F. for actively supporting my ice cream quests! 😉

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