Mustard, pain d’épices & ice cream in the beautiful city of Dijon (FR)

I was very pleasantly surprised by the city of Dijon! I had done more research about the places we visited before, so my knowledge about Dijon was limited to its good reputation for mustard-making!

I am more likely to love a city I visit on a beautiful sunny day… Conditions were perfect for discovering Dijon: sun, blue sky, ~30°C and a light wind. I loved walking about the city centre: nice, clean-looking medieval and Renaissance buildings, many timber-framed buildings, impressive churches. Instead of searching the best words for describing Dijon, I’ll give you a glimpse of what it looks like.


Timbered buildings in Dijon, France
Timbered buildings in Dijon, France
Dijon city centre
Dijon city centre
Rue de la Chouette in Dijon, looking at the back of l'Église Notre-Dame de Dijon
Rue de la Chouette in Dijon, looking at the back of l’Église Notre-Dame de Dijon


Before heading off to Dijon, I was strongly hoping I would come across an ice cream shop that makes ice cream with Dijon mustard! I mentioned in my last post about Beaune that Glaces des Alpes makes Dijon mustard ice cream. Although I didn’t find any in Beaune or in Dijon, I was able to try ice cream made from one of Dijon’s other specialities “pain d’épices” (gingerbread).

My ice cream recommendations for Dijon

There are a few pâtissiers-chocolatiers-glaciers in Dijon, some of which were on holiday while we were there. We tried two.


They have a wide selection of home-made ice cream flavours, some of which sound particularly appealing to me: apricot-rosemary, Provencale strawberry  (made with strawberries, lime, mint, basil, pepper and olive oil), raspberry-violet, blood orange, vine peach sorbet, honey-pine nut and “pain d’épices” ice cream.

The 42 flavours of ice cream on offer at Carbillet
The 42 flavours of ice cream on offer at Carbillet

I loved the “pain d’épices” ice cream & its lovely taste of spices! The honey-pine nuts (with whole pine nuts) was very good and I had a scoop of apricot-rosemary ice cream too, which was buried in my cone below the other two. It was nice but I couldn’t quite taste the rosemary, possibly because I ate it last.

Scoop of gingerbread ice cream (0pain d'épice) & scoop of honey-pine nut ice cream
Scoop of gingerbread ice cream (pain d’épice), scoop of honey-pine nut ice cream and a scoops of apricot-rosemary sorbet is hidden in the cone!

Besides selling ice cream, they sell very attractive and tempting chocolates and pâtisseries.

These pâtisseries from Carbillet look so good!
These pâtisseries from Carbillet look so good!

Glacier-Pâtissier-Chocolatier Carbillet address: 58 rue des Forges, F-21000 Dijon

Fabrice Gillotte

If Carbillet is closed or you can’t find a flavour you like among the 42 they offer, you should try the ice cream from Fabrice Gillotte – Créateur Chocolatier. They also make blood orange, passion fruit and melon sorbet.

Ice cream flavours on offer at Fabrice Gillotte
Ice cream and sorbet flavours on offer at Fabrice Gillotte

I can vouch for their rhubarb and melon sorbets, which truly taste of rhubarb and melon!

Scoop of rhubarb ice cream on the left & Scoop of melon ice cream on the right, from Fabrice Gillotte
Scoop of rhubarb sorbet on the left & scoop of melon sorbet on the right

Fabrice Gillotte is a Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the chocolate-making category. The chocolates looked great! I would have loved to try some of their chocolates but it was much too warm for that.

Fabrice Gillotte, Créateur Chocolatier address: 21 rue du Bourg, F-21000 Dijon

Now if you’re an ice cream maker reading this, could you please make some mustard ice cream?!

For the rest of you, if I’ve caught your interest with mustard ice cream, you can try making it yourself: googling Dijon mustard ice cream will lead you to various recipes! Here’s one I came across for Walnut Mustard Ice Cream and Sweet Chimichurri Syrup.

We had our last ice cream on the last day of our holidays. While traveling back to Germany, my friend was shocked to hear me state that I was happy we hadn’t planned an ice cream break anywhere on the way back! At that moment I had the feeling that I needed a short break from delicious French desserts and ice creams! 😉

Many thanks to L.S. for being so willing to try multiple ice cream shops with me! 🙂

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