L’Emporté, Aubel (BE)

The artisanal ice cream from L’Emporté in Aubel comes from the nearby farm shop “Ferme de Gérard Sart” & is made with fresh farm milk. Aubel is a pretty town in the province of Liège, 24km away from Aachen.

In my recent post about Aachen, I listed some of the things I like about Aachen and my fourth point was:

I love how Aachen lies directly at the border with Belgium and the Netherlands – It’s great being able to enjoy the culinary and cultural offerings of the neighbouring countries so easily.

Well Aubel is a great illustration of what I meant: I went there with friends, we had excellent pizza at La Scala, before heading on to L’Emporté for dessert! They had a nice selection of ice cream flavours: I ended up choosing one scoop of violet ice cream and another of caramel ice cream made with salted butter. I have the impression that both of those flavours are more common in French-speaking countries… would you agree? In any case, they were very tasty!

Other flavours you will find at L’Emporté include passionfruit, green apple, raspberry and marzipan, but you can see for yourself what they offered on the day I was there:

L'Emporté selection of fresh farm milk ice cream
L’Emporté selection of fresh farm milk ice cream
More flavours to choose from!
More flavours to choose from!
One scoop of violet ice cream & another of caramel ice cream made with salted butter (caramel au beurre salé)
Scoop of violet ice cream & another of caramel ice cream made with salted butter (caramel au beurre salé)
L'Emporté I, artisanal ice cream in Aubel
L’Emporté I, artisanal ice cream in Aubel

L’Emporté I address: Place Albert 1er 31, B-4880 Aubel (Winter break started in November’17. The shop will reopen in Spring’18)
Websitewww.fermedegerardsart.be & Facebook Link

They have a second shop in Welkenraedt (BE):
L’Emporté II address: Rue de l’Ecole 5, B-4840 Welkenraedt (Winter break started in October’17)

Aubel’s culinary and cultural offerings

Val-Dieu abbey beer

The first time I went to Aubel last year, I took part in a guided tour of the Val-Dieu Abbey and its brewery: the Abbaye du Val-Dieu brewery brews original Belgian abbey beers, made without added flavourings or spices and brewed according to the old infusion method. They brew a Belgian blonde (6%), brune (8%), triple (9%), as well as a Grand Cru (10.5%).

There are about 23 officially recognised Belgian abbey beers & Val-Dieu abbey beer is one of the only two that are actually brewed within the abbey they are named after! I’m a big fan of Belgian beers in general; they’re stronger in terms of alcohol, but less bitter than German beers and richer in taste. If you’re in Aubel or in the region you should definitely try these beers! You can read up about Val-Dieu abbey beer on Belgium.beertourism website.

I didn’t take any photos of the abbey or brewery tour. If you’d like to see what the Val-Dieu abbey is like, you can have a look at this video.

Val-Dieu Abbey website: www.abbaye-du-val-dieu.be
Val-Dieu Abbey brewery website

Sirop artisanal d’Aubel

Aubel is also renowned for its many apple and pear trees and the jam-like spread they make from their evaporated juices (with no added sugar). It can be eaten as a simple spread or accompanied by cheese.

Aubel’s 100% natural apple juice, without any added sugar is also excellent!

Siroperaie artisale d’Aubelwww.sirop.be


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