Mos Eisley & the nearby Tempelhof Field, Berlin (DE)

This is the first of a series of six recommendations for ice cream in Berlin. I have gathered the feeling that Berlin is paradise for ice cream lovers: they have many really good ice cream shops and the ice cream is relatively cheap in comparison to other European countries! To make sure not to miss the next recommendations, make sure to follow my blog or like Traveller’s Scoops on Facebook!

Mos Eisley is in the area of Neukölln in the southeast of Berlin & fairly close to the former Tempelhof airport and Tempelhof field (read more about the Tempelhof field below).

We went there last year, on a beautiful summer evening, so it made sense to search for ice cream afterwards. My friend had already been to Mos Eisley and took me there without making it clear that he was taking me to a really good ice cream place, not just a random one. 😉 So I was very pleasantly surprised when I got there and saw their selection of interesting flavours!

I tried the grapefruit-estragon gelato: I was very curious about the estragon! It was very good, refreshing and subtle in taste. The balance of sweetness was just right.

Grapefruit-estragon gelato
The grapefruit-estragon gelato I had at Mos Eisley in Berlin

Why on earth did I only get 1 scoop?!

What I don’t remember: why on earth did I only go for ONE scoop of gelato?!

Other flavours of gelato mentioned on Mos Eisley’s website that sound wonderful: passionfruit-coconut, apricot-thyme, gin-lemon-rosemary, spicy mango… On top of having a great selection of gelato flavours, I’d like to point out that Mos Eisley produce their gelato on a daily basis with fresh ingredients and without any artificial colouring or flavouring.

I hope to make it back to Mos Eisley on one of my next visits to Berlin!

Mos Eisley postcard
I agree with this! “Life is short, eat dessert first”.

Mos Eisley address: Herrfurthplatz 6, 12049 D-12049 Berlin

The Tempelhof Field, a 300 hectar green space

During the Berlin Blockade in 1948-49, after the Soviets halted traffic by land & water into and from the Western sector of Berlin, the allies carried supplies to West Berlin via the Berlin airlift, from the Tempelhof airport.

The airport ceased operating in 2008 and the Tempelhof field opened a few years later: this is an enormous open park for all sorts of activities, such as picnics, skating, gardening, flying kites, kite-surfing, bird watching, etc!

Berlin Tempelhof Field
Berlin Tempelhof Field

I had heard about various activities on the Tempelhof field before going there, but I couldn’t quite picture what it would be like. It was quite impressive seeing such a large recreational space beside old airport buildings.

Berlin Tempelhof Field runway
Berlin Tempelhof Field runway

Useful information about the Tempelhof Field (in German):

Special thanks to W.F. for taking me to the Tempelhof Field & to the Mos Eisley Gelateria! 🙂

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