Keiserlich Eismanufaktur, Cologne (DE)

Keiserlich Eismanufaktur in Cologne was warmly recommended to me by one of my work colleagues, who told me on several occasions about the delicious ice cream she had there & the original flavours they offer. Keiserlich Eismanufaktur quickly made it to the top of my “ice cream to taste list” the moment I heard that they sometimes sell avocado ice cream!

I’ve been wanting to try avocado ice cream ever since I travelled to Dalat in Vietnam. Dalat, nicknamed the “City of eternal Spring”, is renowned for its flowers, fruits & vegetables, and you can get avocado ice cream there. Unfortunately, once I was there I found out that January is not avocado season in Vietnam…

A few months ago I reckoned my best option for trying avocado ice cream was to make it myself from a Vietnamese cookbook recipe, but this didn’t work out either… If anyone out there is interested in making ice cream with a dominating taste of cooked egg yolk, just let me know, I’ll be glad to share the recipe with you! 😉

Homemade – with fresh, natural ingredients

Keiserlich use fresh ingredients from the region and avoid artificial additives. They opened two shops in Cologne in Spring 2016. Based on what I saw in their shop in Köln-Sülz and what they mention on their Facebook page, I can tell you they offer many original ice cream flavours, such as cinnamon-plum, lemon-basil, bread & butter, mascarpone-lemon curd, avocado-mint, honey-oats, lavender-orange, as well as the more classical strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut!

They unfortunately didn’t have any avocado ice cream on the day I went, but the papaya-goji berry and the peach-melissa (=lemon balm) ice creams I tried made my visit well worth it! They were both very light and fruity and served at the perfect temperature. The taste of the melissa herb was nice & subtle.

A scoop of Papaya-goji & another of peach-melissa ice cream
A scoop of Papaya-goji & another of peach-melissa ice cream

Just keep in mind that Keiserlich sell different sorts of ice cream every day, so avoid going there with only one precise flavour in mind!

I will definitely be back to try more flavours! & hopefully someday I’ll get to try their avocado ice cream! 🙂

Keiserlich Deutsche Eismanufaktur have several shops in Cologne:

Köln-Sülz: Wittekindstr. 42, D-50937 Cologne 
Köln-Junkersdorf: Kirchweg 14, D-50858 Cologne
Agnesviertel (partner store): Neusserplatz 2, D-50670 Cologne
Hermeskeiler (partner store): Hermeskeiler Platz 4, D-50935 Köln


Special note: Keiserlich is the winner of the 2016 Traveller’s Scoops Award!

Some of the things I like about Cologne

1. The sight of the impressive 157m high gothic cathedral when stepping out of Cologne‘s main train station

Cologne cathedral seen from across the Hohenzollern bridge
Cologne cathedral seen from across the Hohenzollern bridge

2. Going for a walk along Cologne’s inner green belt (“Grüngürtel” in German)

Cologne’s inner green belt was created in the 1920s on the premises of former fortresses. It’s a park area in the shape of a semi-circle that begins at the Flora in Riehl and goes down to the university campuses on Luxemburgerstr. via Ehrenfeld.

Green area on the right bank of the Rhine in Cologne
Green area on the right bank of the Rhine in Cologne

3. Walking along the Rhine, past the old town

Cologne Old Town
Cologne Old Town

Cologne tourism website:

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