Une Glace à Paris (FR)

Just before heading off on my short trip to Paris, I selected three ice cream shops I’d love to try at some point.

I decided to try “une Glace à Paris” this time, in Le Marais area of Paris. I was curious what kind of flavours one would find in a shop created by an accomplished pâtissier (Olivier Ménard) and a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier”: Emmanuel Ryon, one of the two associates was awarded this prestigious title in 2000, as one of the Best Craftsmen of France, in the ice cream making category.

Inside Une Glace à Paris
Inside Une Glace à Paris

Une Glace à Paris offers varieties of ice creams and sorbets that will definitely suit the tastes of all kinds of people: more classic flavours such as raspberry or coconut, more unusual combinations such as “tiger nut sedge, organic kale & apple”, “almond milk caramel litchi” ice creams or “orange, carrot & ginger”, “cherry, mint & cinnamon”, “lemon & vanilla” or “carrot, estragon & whisky” sorbets.

People who love vanilla, chocolate or coffee should definitely head over to this ice cream shop and try the multiple variations:

  • three varieties of vanilla ice cream: with Madagascar vanilla, with Mexican vanilla or with smoked Indian vanilla
  • several chocolate ice creams: with Tanzania 75% chocolate, with smoked Mexican chocolate or with milk chocolate & spices
  • compare the ice cream with coffee from Ethiopia with the one with coffee from Panama
Une Glace à Paris selection of ice cream
Some of the flavours Une Glace à Paris offers

Une Glace à Paris not only sells ice cream by the scoop, they also sell beautiful “vacherin” (ice cream meringue dessert) & baked alaska type desserts towards the front of the shop as well as other pretty delicacies.

The flavours of ice cream I gave into were: pistachio-orange blossom as well as banana-anise barks. Both were excellent! The banana ice cream was very good, although I didn’t taste the anise. I loved the fact that (I think) it was made with very finely grated orange rind. I love both pistachio nuts and orange blossom and both flavours blended perfectly. There were nice little pieces of pistachio in the ice cream.

Une glace à Paris banana-anise ice cream

You should definitely try “une Glace à Paris” on your next trip to Paris! I would be tempted to go back next time I’m in Paris, but there are some other very promising places I need to check out first!

Une Glace à Paris address: 15 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, Paris 4ème, France
Website: www.une-glace-a-paris.fr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Une-glace-à-Paris-1609031112677983

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