Terre Adélice, Lyon (FR)

I randomly came across Terre Adélice’s ice cream shop while wandering around Lyon’s old town. The big sign with all their flavours caught my eye and turning back was no longer an option after glancing through it! They had so many interesting sounding flavours to choose from: cornes de gazelles (N.African almond “biscuit” with orange blossom), gingerbread, honey-rosemary, pine nut, tomato-basil, goats’ cheese, lavender, pumpkin & many more!

Terre Adélice ice cream and sorbet flavours
Terre Adélice ice cream and sorbet flavours

It’s not easy facing such a long list of lovely sounding flavors when on a short visit somewhere. On my first visit there I tried their pumpkin-chestnut ice cream, as well as the honey-rosemary. Both were really good, but I’d been wanting to try pumpkin ice cream for a while and I was really impressed by this one.

Terre Adélice pumpkin-chestnut ice cream
Terre Adélice pumpkin-chestnut ice cream

On other visits I tried the caramelized onion ice cream and the buckwheat ice cream. The onion one was surprisingly good! The buckwheat ice cream was well made but just not one of my favourites. I sampled a spoonful of the tomato-basil sorbet: very good recipe, it tasted as it should!

Terre Adélice address: 1, place de la Baleine, F-69005 Lyon
Website: www.terre-adelice.eu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TAglacierlyon/

What I liked most about Lyon

Now about Lyon; I’ve been hearing for many years how nice a city it is, so I’m glad I’ve been able to check it out at last! The city centre is indeed very pretty: many nice buildings, rivers flowing through it. Besides the ice cream, the two things I liked most about Lyon were:

1. I loved the nice view looking up to the basilica

Lyon view of the Basilica
Lyon view of the Basilica

Lyon city centre

2. I loved the view from the Croix Rousse hill too and you can walk back down to the centre from there using the so-called “traboules”, which are hidden stairways and corridors between/below buildings. There’s a specific symbol to look out for on the doors of buildings with these passageways.

Lyon view from Croix Rousse

Lyon tourism website: www.en.lyon-france.com

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